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Qualification 10+2
Duration16 months
Affiliation Own Flagship Course

Course Overview:

Knowledge of 3D animation and visual effects opens the door to every industry imaginable. This 16-months long flagship programme, split into six modules, covers advanced and basic concepts of 3D animation and visual effects.

The programme focuses on 3D animation and visual effects techniques with advanced knowledge of FCP, Avid Xpress, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. During the study, you will be asked to work on a live project, create short films or projects, under the supervision of instructor.


  • To help you learn the technical and artistic tools required to master 3D animation and visual effects
  • Upon completion of this programme, you will learn basic and advanced concepts of animation and visual effects
  • Completion of this course will help you become an independent animator
  • You can also get senior level jobs in the film, gaming, production houses, , e-learning companies 


 Module 1

  1. Concept of Design
  2. Art of Design and Story Boarding
  3. Making Layout-out and Design
  4. Portfolio Design
  5. Project

Module 2

  1. Concept of Editing
  2. Audio-Visual Editing
  3. Concept of Film Making
  4. Final project

Module 3

  1. Modeling
  2. Texturing
  3. Lighting
  4. Rigging
  5. Animation

Module 4

  1. Concept of Game Design
  2. Concept of Architecture Walkthrough
  3. Project 

Module 5

  1. Compositing
  2. Layer Based Compositing and Node Based Compositing
  3. Stop Motion and Different Kind of Effects
  4. Titling
  5. Project

Module 6

  1. Advance Trick and Techniques of Compositing
  2. Portfolio
  3. Project 

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Vivek Dayal Memorial Scholar

Vivek Dayal Memorial Scholarship for Media Studies
Mr. Vivek Dayal

Five merit based scholarships of Rs. 20,000/- each have been instituted to facilitate and encourage deserving students to cover the tuition fee.

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